Sunday, 6 December 2015

A letter to the ex bestfriend

Do you remember me? Yeah, I was the girl you talked to everyday.
You know, the one who was by your side, like, twenty-four/seven.
Do you really not know who I am? Or are you just wishing you don't?
Could you please explain why you're doing this?
What did I do wrong?

Because I try and try, but I can't seem to remember a single sour moment we had.
I remember the bright sunny days,
The gloomy rainy ones.
It didn't matter, we'd enjoy them both.

I remember how you'd force me to eat when I didn't want to.
All the hours we spent on the phone when you were away.
I remember all the gifts you gave me, and the ones I gave you.

Sure I hit you a lot, but you always just laughed it off..
Is that why?

I mean, yeah, I had a lot of days when I was down in the dumps,
and you had to get me back up..
Is that why?

Sometimes I couldn't visit when you'd ask because I had class.
Is that why?

Tell me, because I can't think of a good reason why you'd leave me.

You're my bestfriend. I'm hoping that I'm still yours.

I hate looking through our old conversations. Especially the happy ones.
For some reason, they hurt.
I hate seeing our old pictures,
those hurt too.

What wrong have I done you?
I wanna know.
Because maybe, like all the times you've fixed me, I can fix this.

Or maybe its not meant to be.
Maybe you just got tired of me.
I'll accept that, too.

But I just wanted you to know.
Because whatever happens...
I'll still be here for you.

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