Thursday, 17 July 2014


Im starting this blog as some sort of therapy for myself. I don't go out much. I don't socialize either. My thoughts get trapped in my head ever so often.. The thing is,these thoughts might destroy me if it keeps on going. 

My life may not be very interesting. My opinions may not be the same as yours,but you never know. Maybe,just maybe,this little life of mine can do something good to yours as well.

Perhaps I can start with something about myself...
Which is probably the hardest thing. I know myself more than anyone else,yet I can't explain it.

I guess we can begin with what I like.
I like love art. Its an extension of who I am. It represents the side of me that I can't tell anyone. From painting to sketching...its my passion. I can't go a day without dabbling in some sort of work. Most of the time I draw eyes and people. Why? Because I find them interesting. Humans are complex..and I'm one of them. I find people very inspiring. Everyone has a story,a background. Everybody has something to say,even if they might not say it. That's one of the reasons why I love eyes as well. They represent so much in a person. They give the majority of a person's point of view,and to me that's beautiful.

I also have a liking towards creative writing.
In my short,yet long,life,I have written hundreds of stories. Filling notebooks and random papers with ideas. Most of the time the themes are dark and fragile. The characters even darker. I always find myself focusing on character development more than anything else.Whether that be a dog or a dragon. Everyone has their side.

An extension to this is my love for films.
I don't get to watch films very often,but I have wanted to get into film making. From being in front and behind the camera.

Those are just some of the things I fancy,and I guess there are more things that I dislike than like,but I'm not here today to bring you down with those...

So lets end it here?
For now.
This is me...and I hope this blog helps you as much as I am hoping It'll help me. :)

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