Thursday, 17 July 2014

Getting hooked

I've been hooked on a game recently.

I never really admit it before today. Why? Because today I left my tablet with a friend. What game is it? Well,its none other than KOM ( Kingdoms of Middle Earth) . I've been playing for about a month now. Daily. I check on it every two minutes. I didn't really know I was hooked until the time that I panicked when I realized I didn't have my tablet. I called and messaged my friends to make sure who has it. When I finally got in contact with the one holding it,I quickly asked him to farm and build troops for me. I didn't have too,but I did. I was so panicky in the first 20 minutes that people thought I had an actual emergency.

The thing is,is it bad to be hooked on something?
To me,it depends.
Is it ruining your life? If not then why feel bad?
It it ruining other people's life? No? Then its fine.

As long as its effects aren't bad,then its fine.
But,what is "bad"?
Bad is when its affecting your life and/or other people's life in a way that wouldn't be very nice. You might be failing school. Losing time for family or for yourself. Although there are these things that we absolutely LOVE,we cannot throw everything else away for these things. There is a certain point where its not good anymore.

Its similar to drugs,the more you do it,the more you get HOOKED.
So ask yourself if its good for you,if its not,then you should probably stop. I know its not that easy,believe me,I do,but if its for the better,then its worth a try.

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