Saturday, 2 August 2014

Labels don't define you.

My family has been labeled by the majority of our region (a group of cities.) as murderers and drug lords.
Now,I can prove we aren't drug lords,if we were we would have nicer things and probably live abroad and I'd be in a better school. I won't be getting into how we got those labels for now.

Point is,even if things aren't true,there will always be people believing it.

People could be calling that girl a slut,yet she may be a virgin who wishes to be a nun. Everyone needs to know that labels don't define who you are. No one can define who you are. You are an individual in a large world. Someone can be similar to you,but no one can be you. Someone can think you are the worst person,yet somewhere out there someone is waiting for you to light up their darkness and bring warmth to their soul. Those words are labels,they're not you.

Best of luck.

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