Saturday, 9 August 2014

Daily notes can change your life!

Everyone has ups and downs on an everyday basis. Yet sometimes we can't see the good. This makes us feel bad about ourselves and bring us waaaay down. Some of us are already there,and we see it as a home now.

Its a very sad thought,but its true nonetheless.

I,personally,have a lot of down days,some even driving me to to bad things,but I recently found a way to put a smile on my face.

I call them Daily Notes. Simple,isn't it?
Simple as they sound,they are actually quite hard to do. Especially when you're just starting out.

Its fairly simple.

Step 1 : Get a notepad/notebook or wherever you feel comfortable to write personal thoughts. It can even be online if you'd like :)

Step 2 : Make sure you remember most if not all the things that happen throughout your day.
If you can't,then I advise you bring around the notebook the notebook that you are using for this and jot down things as they happen.

Step 3 : By the end of the day divide the page into 2 tables.
Label these tables how you feel they should be labeled.
I personally labeled mine as "The Good" and "The bad". But you can have other words,like "Forget" and "Keep".

Step 4 : Below the bad,jot down the bad things and the good things under the good.

Step 5 : Contemplate on how these make you feel. Weigh them out.
Now its not my choice what you want to do,but to make myself feel better,I look at the good side and try to put aside the bad. This made me learn that even in the worst days,there are some good.

They don't have to be extreme,they can range from "I spilled my coffee." to "I'm contemplating on ending my life." The good can be as simple as "I gained a few followers." to "She said yes!"

The thing to remember is that no matter how small the good things may be,they are there.

Once I had a really bad day,I tried so hard to think about the good things,but nothing came up. So I looked for the small things. I remembered that a stranger smiled at me while I was having a walk around the mall,that little thought could never have compared to the bad side,but the thing did! It made me smile and forget the bad,even if it was so much bigger.

The little things in life can mean the best. So keep your head up and put a smile on your face. Keep the good things close.

If you'd like,I made a small "Happy" playlist...not many songs yet though.
Best of Luck :)

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