Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Soulmate? Soulmates

They say you need to live a full life before you find your soulmate,travel,do things that are out-of-the-norm or go to a new school where they burst into song. But this love story is a little different.

Once upon a time,I spent my summer at a film school. I took up acting,directing and storyboarding. Surprisingly,I took to people really well,and them to me. 5 weeks and I was able to do so much,even be part of a short film. They honestly liked me so much that they even offered me a scholarship for the full course. Yet I didn't take it..

Nope,this story doesn't start like that hollywood movie you saw about that one girl/guy that got into a really cool school of their dreams.... Wait,it does..

I took up architecture at USC (University of San Carlos). A well known school here in the Philippines. My programme belongs to SAFAD (School of Fine arts,Architecture and Design),where the " rich " people are.

Even months away from the first day,my nerves were already tingling! I mean,the pressure was intense!.Architecture is a difficult programme,as they say,and its not just that. Its the fact that I was going to be in SAFAD. Where the rich,the classy and the artsy are! I'm talking about starbucks for lunch type of people here. Worse part was,my art skills were just about to be tested.

In a highschool of 15 people per class,its really easy to be unique. In a school of artists,not so much.

My day 1 OOTD was a little too warm for the actual weather. I remember sitting at the back of the class,closest to the window where a good main anime protagonist would sit and dove into my sketch pad,very careful not to reel in attention. Normally,having a sketchpad would gather a crowd,here,its how you blend in.

I spent most of my time with my highschool BFF,but we rarely had the same breaks,and one day he had to leave really early for a class in another building. Alone,and hot,I needed a place to take shelter from all the wandering eyes and burning post summer heat. I took refuge in an unused classroom that had A/C... but I wasn't alone. A few of my blockmates were there too. Little did I know,three of those would be 3/10th of my squad.

Time passed by slowly as I spend my first 2 months with all the wrong people.

But I took my life in my own hands and drifted from those leeches. I gained a new best friend in that process.

And from mutual hate for such leeches a squad of 10 was formed.

That's how I found them. My soulmates. Don't get me wrong,its not all peaches and cream. There are some bumps,but we work things out and grow together.

From Life as I see it,I-we bring you UNCAFFEINATED with Nikki,Aussie,Doraine and Veikka. The Arch(itecture) Angels.

Best of Luck :)

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