Monday, 25 May 2015

The stages of writing a story

Now if you've ever written a story,whether its professionally of just for fun,you can definitely relate to these awful yet satisfying moments.

  1. The hype - When an idea  first pops in your head you get really excited and pumped up to turn this idea into a full fledge movie!

  2. But then here comes The how the heck to I start this thing stage - Lets face it,every time a great story comes alone,you almost never know how to start it. Do I start with the scene where I kill Ned Stark? Or do I make people love him first so it hurts even more?

  3. I'm on a roll! - When you finally do get started,it seems as if you just can't stop! You are a writing machine arrrrgggghhh!

  4. But then you find out you can stop... and almost never start again. The writers block. It may take hours or years before you get back to writing this thing,you may even get started on another project.

  5. When you finally do get started,you get Second thoughts. Maybe this story isn't worth it? Maybe this never gets to the big or small screen. Should I even finish this? Ugh!

  6. But no matter what happens... YOU WILL FINISH THIS AND YOU'LL ROCK IT!

So to all my story writing bros out there... Best of Luck :)

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