Friday, 23 October 2015

My body. My rules. ( Hair )

My hair is sort of my Passion. I've done SO MANY things to it. From short,to long,to medium,red,pink,blue,green,purple,blonde,brown and my natural BLACK. ( pictures are not mine )

I know. I know. You might be furious at how dead my hair must be. But let me reassure you, its alright. If you want proof, you can go ask my doctor :)

Now, you've probably guess by now that I can't commit to a single color. That's true! But in a rather conservative country that I live in, most schools don't allow unnatural colors. So I had to stick to the reds and blondes during school days. The teachers liked me a lot, so they let it slip.

So when I finally got to college, I was ECSTATIC about getting new colors added to my collection! yet, alas, my college wouldn't even allow blonde. LIKE WHAT???? In college, you'd expect to be treated like an adult, able to make your own choices and everything. I mean, it is my body afterall... Even my beloved dark red was forced to go brown..
Point is, my hair is an outlet of my personality. I don't wanna use this as an excuse, but I'm an artist for christ sake. They already have uniforms for us and all.. WHY CAN'T THEY GRANT ME THIS ONE WISH. My course requires us to exert creativity, but how do you expect artist to be creative when you don't let them.

Another reason for my soft rage is the fact that my hair actually helps me a lot with my anxiety. Yes, I have anxiety, and no, I'm not just looking for attention. But my hair definitely helps me in rather hard situations. Its not exactly something I hide behind when I'm scared ( though I can. ), but its something like a shield that protects me from people's judgments. And if I can't control that aspect of me, what can I control?

Its not like my hair color makes me dumb. I can assure you it doesn't, and I have the grades and awards to prove that. Colored hair won't make me a drug addict and it won't make me a rebel. You know what it will do? Make me happy, confident and secure about myself. Does that sound bad to you?

So please, can I just have a rainbow on my head without the expulsion from my dream college? Thanks.

Btw, I'm currently sporting the light redish-blonde elven length hair, as seen here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Best of Luck. :)

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