Monday, 8 February 2016

Feels of Owning A Big Dog

We all have different feeling over different pooches. And I love them all! But I have a special place in my heart for the giants :D

1. They think they're small AF-
         Not only does my bullmastiff spend most of her time on my lap, but she tries to chill in the tiniest cabinets in the house! Like nah girl, yow ass don't fit.

2. They could be pillows
          I don't know about yours, but mine loves it when we snuggle.

3. They shower you with love! - Or drool
          Who needs a boyfriend when you have a lovable,basically man sized pouch of cuteness???

4. You get to look badass while walking them
          Nothing gets more great looks from people than walking a massive chunk of a dog down the street.

5. You don't lose them as much
          One thing I hate about having a small dog is getting beat at hide n' seek, but with a large pooch your job gets 10000% easier.

but its not all good.

6. Space
           The bigger the burger, the more stomach area you need.

7. Food
           Want that new MAC lipstick? Think again. You're spending all your money on dog food.

8. Poop
           The bigger the donor, the bigger the donation :D

9. Friends and Family get scared
           You've probably had the " don't let that thing near me " argument. *sigh*

10. Lifespan
            And of course, we all know the sad truth, the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan...

But these shouldn't stop up form loving our furry buddies. Spend as much time with then as you can, and treat them right, I promise, it'll pay off.

Best of Luck :)
- Veikka

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