Friday, 18 July 2014

Getting into New things

I've been wanting to get into new things.

One is something called "slam-poetry",or at least that's what some people call it.
I've also been wanting to get into Youtube.
But why haven't I?

I guess i never really got the nudge or support,nor did I see the opportunities.
People say that when you are presented with an opportunity,TAKE IT. But I haven't been presented with any of that. I simply just WANT TO get into it.

And there's my nudge. If I want to do it,why do I have to wait for something else to push me into it? If you really want something or you really want to try things out,yet you're still waiting on that sign...tip : DON'T. Don't wait for that sign to come by. Don't wait for that nudge. JUST GET INTO IT.

If I wait for someone to tell me to get into slam poetry then I might never do it. If I want to do something,then I'm going to do it. The opportunities will come along the way.

See this. When you begin,people won't see the work you put into it,but the more you do it,the better you get,the more people see your work,and when they do,the opportunities will come.

So if you want to do something or get into a new it now. Or someday,a year from now maybe, you're going to regret not starting today.

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