Sunday, 20 July 2014

October Baby movie review

Lets start with this : Previously I was asked in Values class whether or not I approve of abortion,and I said yes. Yes given a certain circumstance where there is a valid excuse for an abortion. ( Ex. rape.) As I have seen in the movie the woman was not raped. It was said she met a man she did not know at a bar and 'hooked up'. Given this,I do not approve of her choice for abortion.

The parent's choice for adoption was a good act for me. I can relate to them in a way that my sister adopted a child who had many complications. Although she is legally my sister's child,and I am just a teenager,I see her as my own. I was one of the first people who saw her. I was the one who convinced my mother to take her home. So,I know how the parents feel in the movie.

The way Hannah reacted was completely predictable for a movie/show. Child finds out certain secret,child gets mad,child loses trust in parents,child runs away or disobeys parents with love interest,they get caught,trouble trouble,forgiveness and poof,happy ending.

Now, in the movie I don't approve of Hannah's actions. She does have the right to know,that's true,but if you were to do such things I believe your parents should have knowledge of it before hand,given that they are biological or not. The way I see it,even if you are not related by blood,they are your family. Even if you are related by blood,it doesn't mean they are your family. Love,trust,loyalty and other values define family.

In the end Hannah did forgive her family and let her ambitions of acceptance from a lawyer go. Which was good. She, I suppose, married Jason and lived happily ever after. But what if Jason didn't break up with the highly stereotypical blonde,popular,mean girlfriend he had? What if the movie magic didn't work. Stuff aren't exactly like the movies. I can't even imagine how Hannah just decided so freely to do what she did. (with some exceptions.) I mean,the way she was described growing up and the way she acted in the movie had no connection whatsoever. Her past could have been as shady as a charcoal drawing for Pete's sake. They could have portrayed her 'home schooled christian' background better in a way where she could have trusted and reacted to and with her parents better.

Honestly,I think she could have found out more in an easier way with her parents. It was hard for her parents too. Its not that they just decided to take a child and raise it as their own. They took time and effort,and they could have gotten a bit more consideration. Also,in Jason's part,I am highly bothered with how his relationship worked. THERE ARE NO RELATIONSHIPS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE. If you don't love,or even care about the person,why bother? She (Alana) was just placed there for movie convenience. Just so Jason could have his 'my life is hard and I am conflicted,but I am a good friend and I truly love this other girl that I have known for a while and not this woman that I am dating' moment. Even the way Alana reacted to Jason being in jail was stereotypical.

Also,the relationship between the nurse and the cop. I mean,come on,he needed to arrest someone,then for some reason he recognized a signature from 19 years ago in one glance. Then the nurse knew who he was just by a VERY vague mention of a police. HOW MANY POLICE MEN DO THEY HAVE,FIVE? What was it between them? Not to mention the lawyer. As a someone with a respected profession,she could have handled that better,and how did the dad even know they were there? The girlfriend told him,yeah,but she didn't even know where they were exactly. What is he? CIA?

Overall,it was a good movie. Could be improved though.

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