Thursday, 24 July 2014

The emcee life

Ever since that day our social studies teacher chose my friend Rc and I to be the emcees of the United Nations month celebration...EVERYONE HAS BEEN MAKING US EMCEES. In every occasion. From Nutrition month in the beginning of the school year (June-July) to Prom. Yes,prom. We were't sitting on a table with our friends,nope,we were up on stage being awkward. Yet everyone just loved it. They thought we were fun and creative. Plus,we broke the curse of past emcees being late to prom. (yay..?)

We do get A LOT of extra credit,but thats not the problem. The problem is the script making and having time to practice in between exams,projects and classes. Just this week we both had 2 programs in a row,and 2 more tomorrow and the day after. I just hope we get good grades after missing so many classes.

Being as lazy as we always are,we always put it aside. We don't even start making a script until either the day before,or on the day itself. We still do a good job though.

Today is the day before one of the programs...and I just finished the script. I'm actually proud that I didn't put it off until tomorrow.

I guess we should be thankful that they see potential in us. But maybe cut it down a bit during exam week? Thanks.

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