Friday, 1 August 2014

Why I'm eager to watch The Hobbit

Yep,I'm one of the people who are in love with Tolkien's work. I've read the books,and seen the movies.
I must admit that The Lord of The Rings movies aren't as visually captivating as The Hobbit movies,but years ago it was pretty good. Which is why I'm very excited for The Battle of Five Armies. The effects are better now,the story line is amazing,and if you loved the battle on Helm's Deep,then I bet you'll love the battle of the Five Armies.

I have fallen in love with the story,and I just wish I could know more. Reading the books gives me the freedom to imagine,but when the movies came out they were just as amazing as I expected. In The Hobbit,Smaug is sadly the last great fire drake in Middle Earth,and Thorin II is the king who yearns for his kingdom. In the first two movies they showed us how the company journeyed to the Misty Mountains. They told us the tale of Bard the bowman and showed us the ever captivating Thranduil,king of the Woodland Realm. Now,I don't know about you,but I have always wanted to see Thranduil fight *spoilers* and now I get to see it happen. In the movie he and his troops are one of the first to strike against the dwarves,and if you know me I am more on the elvish side of things,but the way Thorin II and company were made in the book,I can't help but think twice.

In the beginning of this post I was trying so hard not give spoiler...failed.

Even if I know how the story goes,I am still hyped for the movie and to see whats going to happen. I had my hand over my mouth while watching the trailer with excitement. But all this couldn't be possible without the amazing cast and crew.

To sum everything up...I need to see the movie now,most importantly the war.

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