Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Last Goodbyes

Since I was about 6 years old,I had already accepted the fact that I could die at any given moment. Now,death is something very complex,too complex for a 6 year old to understand,but you see,I thought I was just going to go to heaven or hell,nothing more or less.

As I grew,I understood death better,all the possibilities to it. Along the way I even lost a few good people to it. I can't be angry for it,though,it happens. I honestly did not fear death...

A few days ago I had a dream. A dream as it is,I,sadly,can't remember everything.

The dream started out very well.

Two of my friends won an award for their great dancing. We cheered them on and made fun of them at the end of the program.

Then the all good dream took a turn for the darker as I,in first person view,saw myself in the middle of an empty highway. It was late at night. A light dust of mist along the road's edges. The street lights were orange and the moon was nowhere.

There was a quick flash. I soon found myself in an empty field wearing on of my beach dresses. I heard cars nearby. First I saw my uncles car,followed by my dad's and cousin's. They all looked sad and worried. I tried to talk to them,but no one listened. They proceeded to carry something into one of the pickups and rode off,leaving me standing on a dirt road.

Next I was with my friends,they wore all black and looked sad. They were all sitting around a staircase,not even talking to each other,which for me was very weird. I tried to talk to them,but they didn't listen,either.

One of them was holding a nail,one that I found in our classroom weeks ago,I tried to grab it,but couldn't..that was when everyone freaked out. The nail moved,of course,because I touched it. Yet they all looked at it as if there was magic involved.

The next thing I remember was following my them into on of our friend's house. They sat around in the kitchen and living room. Once again I tried to talk to them,no avail. I started to realize what was happening as soon as I tried to turn the tv's volume down. I couldn't. Apparently,I was too stupid to see that they were mourning my death.

I sat across one of my guy friends as he talked to himself about something I couldn't remember. A few blurry and dark scenes later,I found myself at a beautiful beach...it sadly didn't last long as soon enough I heard explosions. I looked to my left and saw a large fire,that looked more like magma,coming my way. It moved too quick..so I just sat down and didn't bother to do anything.

I soon woke up crying a few moments later.

It was painful to see all of my loved ones mourn over me,especially since I never seem to mourn for any loss. It hurt me to see that it affected them that way. So I decided to tell them the dream the next day. They all refused to hear the rest as soon as they realized what had happened to me in my dream.

Lets just say,if I go today,then my last goodbyes would have been cut short yesterday.

Best of Luck

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