Friday, 15 May 2015

Yoga,working out and changing my life.

Now,if you've been on my blog before,or know me personally... then you may know a little bit of my life.

I was the type of person that loved to procrastinate. I'm also the type of person that loves to be healthy and to experience new things... but again,procrastination.

So one day.. maybe about last week,I pulled myself together,set aside all the things I wanted to do and did what I needed to do. I didn't tell myself to be a better person,or to try harder. I did it. 

I started doing yoga,and it did wonders!

I'm typically a pretty stressed out person (due to family & self matters),but after just one yoga session,I was more relaxed,I had a clearer mind,and I managed to ooze positivity. WHICH IS VERY NEW FOR ME.

With yoga,I also began to work out ( yoga in the morning,work outs in the evening),and it made things even better. I started drinking more water (which I hardly did before),I began eating better,taking vitamins and everything. My acne has also began to clear up,I've gotten ZERO period cramps. ZERO I SAY! and coming from someone who had to miss days of school due to period cramps,this is amazing!

Yoga has also improved my posture,and did one of the best things I hoped it would do,it lowered my rage.

I've always had an anger problem,but the mix of relaxing yoga,and working out (which helped me release a lot of tension) have made the chances of me bursting from 80% to 60%. I've stopped crying myself to sleep,my nightmares are practically gone,and my sleep has been wonderful.

The first few days I needed an alarm to wake me up in the morning,now I wake up at 7am naturally and all excited for the day to come.

The best part is,I'm not the only one that's getting the goods. My friend and family have noticed the changes in me and we spend more time together now. My pets have also been less aggressive towards strangers in the house,and have been getting exercise like me.

I just can't tell you guys how much I'm loving life right now.

I took a huge step forward,and I'm loving it!

I'm also going to be starting a youtube channel next week with one of my best friends.

So just to say... I'm sitting in our basement right now,fresh from a workout,sweat dripping down my face with a smile on my lips.

Best of Luck :)

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